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Ready Set Go! Impatience


Ready Set Go! Impatience Hebrews 3:1, Hebrews 12:1-2 Parenting Technology Impatience Environment MESSAGE Simon Sinek videoclip Patience Galatians 5:22-26 Fruit of the Spirit NIV84 vs. NIV11 Patience changed to Forbearance COMMUNION Jed Angell Hymn The Solid Rock  

Ready Set Go! Technology


{Early Service} Ready Set Go! Message Series Technology iPhone is 10 years old Blockbuster & Blackberry Top 10 Technologies To Affect the Church Recorded Sound Air Conditioning Electronic Payment Satellite & Internet Radio Computers Television Amplified Sound Video Projection Internet Printing Press Technology Needs Balance Like fire, fire is good when under control How can […]

Ready Set Go! – Parenting

MUSIC I Ran Out Of That Grave The Way Faithful and True I Will Build My Life KIDS TALK Mark Day The Alphabet Letter T Trust Blindfold partner lead around church We can trust God COMMUNION Jed Angell Hebrews 3:1 Hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus” MESSAGE

Ready Set Go! Preview


MUSIC Your Love is Alive Seek First Jesus Messiah Give Me Faith KIDS TALK Mark Day The Alphabet Letter S Savior Zach and Tyler pushup position, kids on back represent sin weighing us down COMMUNION MESSAGE “I have a plan.  Do you trust me?” – God Ready Set Go! School, Life, and Jesus Simon Sinek […]

Big Sunday – July 30, 2017


BIG SUNDAY MUSIC Simple Gospel BAPTISM Tucker Evans Romans 6:4 MUSIC Great Are You Lord The Way Lion and the Lamb KIDS TALK Mark Day The Alphabet R – Resurrection Magic Trick MESSAGE “I have a plan.  Do you trust me?” Believe vs. Trust September 13th Kickoff in Fall Claims of Christianity 2 Peter 1:3-11 […]

Restart Finale


MUSIC Sing, Sing, Sing Free In You I Will Boast in Christ Build My Life KIDS TALK Mark Day Alphabet The Letter I – Immanuel Where does Jesus live? God is with us. COMMUNION The sting of death is sin. Easter Hymn – Christ is Risen Today MESSAGE Restart Finale Resurrect (definition) Luke 7:11-17 The […]

Restart: Part 6 – REPENT


MUSIC Lord I Need You (Matt Maher) Christ Is Enough (Hillsong) I Will Boast in Christ (Hillsong) Alabaster (Rend Collective Experiment) KIDS TALK Mark Day Letter C Crown Kings & Queens wear crowns. Who are some kings you know?  Who is the King of Kings?  JESUS COMMUNION Mark Robertson New Year Reflections Share gospel with […]

Passion Sunday – Big Sunday


MUSIC O Praise His Name (Passion 2017) This Is Living (Acoustic) SPECIAL MUSIC Something In The Water (Passion 2017) Taylor Warbritton COMMUNION Remember Jed Angell Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 Luke 22:14-20 PASSION MUSIC Worthy Of Your Name (Passion 2017) Here’s My Heart (Passion) This We Know (Vertical Church Band) I Ran Out Of That Grave (Passion 2017) […]

Restart: Part 4 – RESIST


MUSIC On The Throne (Desperation Band w/Kari Jobe) Give Me Faith (Elevation Worship) God With Us (Jesus Culture) God That Saves (Iron Bell Music) KIDS TALK Mark Day Letter B Bible Types of Books – Stories, Information, History, etc. COMMUNION Jed Angell John 15:1-4 Hymn “He Lives” MESSAGE Week 1 Reconsider & Recommit Week 2 […]

Come to the Altar – Do You Thirst For a Drink From the Well?


KIDS SONGS & VIDEO HOLDEN MEYERS UPDATE Promoting togetherness Encouraging sustainability Providing financial relief Building confidence COMMUNION Nick Ehlts Remember the whole point of Christmas… Christ our Savior! MESSAGE – Come To The Altar: Part 4 “Do you thirst for a drink from the well? John 4:1-26 Jacob Gramke MUSIC O Come To The Altar […]